Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 11: Who can’t you live without?

It's my 11th day! This thirty day blogging challenge seems to be so fast. I can't believe I'm already on my 11th post :)  Nineteen more posts and I'm gonna survive this challenge! :) 

So, who can't I live without?

  • my one and only loving and caring husband
  • my ever supportive mother [i miss you so much Mama! I love you!]
  • my three dogs! Love them all so much! 
  • my Davao close friends who never ever gave up on supporting me.
  • my one and only Maboooooi! Love you boi! :)
  • and syempre, my high school and college barkada...
  • my boss who never gets tired of supporting me
Just like Lyn's post, my list would sum up relationships with family and friends.  I just can't live without these people (and my pets too!). They are the ones who keep me sane.  They are the ones who refills my empty energy tank. 

Share yours too... Who can't you live without? :)

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