Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 9: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Time flies by so fast and now, I'm on my 9th day for my thirty day blogging challenge. It's just monday but I feel so exhausted already! I've been so busy with paper works and then our Rotaract Week Activity at the House of Hope in the afternoon. But then, I should find time for this challenge because it is my own desire to be able to finish until the 30th day :)

Hopes, dreams and plans. I have so many plans. So many hopes and prayers. So many dreams. Maybe, this post would also be my checklist so that whenever I'm down, I will come back to this post and remind myself of my hopes, dreams and plans.

For the next 365 days, my heart desires for the following:
  • a more intimate and closer relationship with God, with my husband and with my mother
  • a renewed and better me. I really pray for this one.  That I may be able to learn to forgive myself and move on from all heart aches I've been going through right now. That I will loosen up and love myself more. That I will be able to appreciate myself better.
For the next 365 days, one of my greatest dreams is to be able to conceive and experience the happiness and joy of being a mother.  This is also actually one of my husband's greatest dream, to be able to have a child of our own. :) In God's perfect time. :)

For the next 365 days, I have so many plans.  It's actually not just I.  It's ♥ US ♥.  My husband and I have plans to:
  • be able to set up and maintain a savings fund for our family's future
  • be able to set aside a portion of our income for tithes and for emergency use
  • be able to also set aside a portion of our income for pleasure and material wants and needs
  • be able to travel within the country
  • be able to acquire our own land or a house and land, might be even better
  • be able to establish a business which will help us sustain our needs and wants and help us bless our family and friends as well as others who are in need
  • be able to learn more about stocks and investments
  • be able to go home to Bacolod
  • be able to spend MORE QUALITY time with each other 
  • be able to celebrate and appreciate God's love for the two of us
There are more to hope and dream for. Maybe I can come up with a second post for this topic soon.  For now, these are my hopes and my dreams...OUR hopes, dreams and plans.

Can you share yours too? :)

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  1. Great post, ji. :) Always, in order for us ma achieve ang dreams is the "clear insight" kng ano gd bla aton dreams. And writing them down is one of the first steps, the next is taking the necessary steps to make them happen - to make them come true. :)

    Here's my Day 9:

    God bless you always! ^_^