Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 2: 20 of my favorite things

This is one tough topic.  Just like Lyn-lyn, I have been thinking since last night of what to write (er, type?) for this 2nd challenge. I've been thinking about categorizing the topic into 'living things' and 'non-living things' :))

Oh well, I just need to go through this so I can rest and sleep early because I wanted to go to work on time starting tomorrow.  I really mean it.  :)) No more tardiness starting tomorrow Jireh! :D

Here's the list of TWENTY of my FAVORITE THINGS :)
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  1. My current favorite chips - Mr. Chips Spaghetti flavor :)
  2. My ever reliable smart broadband usb stick. Though now I have a sun broadband usb stick, but it's not mine, it's an office property.  It's just under my care because I'm the one taking charge of our agency's Facebook account and Regional Webpage.
  3. Milky! My netbook. Though it's no longer mine because I handed it over to my adopted sister (who is also my second cousin), it's still one of my favorite things.
  4. Bo Sanchez' blog.  Inspiring and motivating! 
  5. Bo Sanchez' books and e-books. Just like his blog, inspiring and motivating too :)
  6. Kerygma. Last month, I promised myself that if I will be able to clear off some debts by the 2nd quarter of this year, I'll subscribe for a year to Kerygma. Everything in this inspirational magazine makes me feel blessed and loved by God.
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  8. Dove Beauty Cream Bar. Love the feeling of being moisturized all over :)
  9. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm so sooo sooooo inlove with these two :)
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  11. Cadbury Fruits and Nuts! So yummy! :)
  12. Dong A .4 and .3 sign pens! Love the thinness, makes my handwriting more sexy! :)
  13. My three lovable pets - Mica, Pipay and Tiger :) (they're LIVING things! lol)
  14. My Dakki pillow! Love how this pillow comforts me when I'm so tired! :)
  15. My desktop computer. Very reliable.
  16. My convertible LED TV. So useful because it can be converted into a desktop monitor :)
  17. My grandmother's white gold ring. Make me feel she's just by my side all the time.
  18. I love KITKAT too Lyn!  Can you share your Kitkats with me? :)
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  20. My tupperware collections. Colorful and very, very useful! :)
  21. My sun cellular SIM! :) Tipid! :)
  22. OUR BED. :) 
  23. My CSI DVD collection. :)  These dvds keep me away from boredom during weekends. :D
Whew! Finally after almost an hour, I've managed to finish this post. How about you? What's your 20 favorite things? :) Share!

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