Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 5: Your dream house

Before deciding what to post here, I asked my dear husband what would be his dream house for our family.  He said he wanted a mansion! WHOA! :) So I told him to sit down next to me and join me browse for photos of beautiful houses here in the web.  I remembered once visiting the website of Kisanlu Lands,  (I'm not in any ways connected with this real estate company, I just like the designs of their houses.)  so, I revisited their site again and showed the photos of the houses in one of their developed subdivisions here in Davao City. We've come up with this common favorite....

Photo owned by

This is a Japanese inspired house, simple yet elegant. One day, we will have our own house, and we will make it a little similar to this one.  And our dream house will never be called a dream house if it's not filled with love and respect.  Maybe the right and perfect term for it is DREAM HOME :)

This is my fifth day for my thirty day blogging challenge. How about you? What's your dream home? Share share share! :)

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